The page rate is somewhat negotiable and is determined by several factors:

  • Skill of the reporter in terms of untrans, drops, and formatting
  • Quality of the audio
  • Ability of the speakers to communicate clearly
  • Complexity of the material (i.e., trial or depo, plain English, technical, or medical)
  • Whether verbatim scoping is required
  • Standard or expedited turnaround
  • In my view, the reporter and scopist have an opportunity to develop an efficient working relationship that will generate a good income for both parties. 

I believe that if I perform a helpful service, increase reporter productivity, alleviate some worry, provide the reporter with some free time, and return a great product, the reporter will be happy to pay for those services promptly and dependably. 

I will e-mail an invoice along with the last file of the completed job. My billing standard is Net-15. 

For very long, complex, and otherwise time-consuming work, I like to schedule some progress payments.